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Automation automaton

I’ve been thinking today about automation. Most people I know do not put much effort into automating tasks, even those that are rote, tedious, and time-consuming, because of an implicit but untested assumption that the work involved in automating a task would outweigh any time savings. I seem to have the opposite problem, in that I like automating things even when it clearly does not save me any time. In my mind, this is laziness, but to others it is assiduity (or maybe just weirdness). Others view the work spent on automating something as difficult, so they have a high threshold before they automate things, whereas I view repetitive tasks as difficult, and have a very low threshold for automation. Continue reading

WordPress from Vim

I’ve made a few tweaks to Vim which make it simple to blog to a WordPress blog (like this one). Originally I was using VimRepress but I had a few issues with it. I then discovered blogit.vim which just seems to work better for me. I didn’t like the massively long lines, so I had a look and found DistractFree for Vim which helps eliminate distractions, and also puts margins around your text so that the lines aren’t ridiculously long when Vim is maximized. Here’s what it looks like:

Blogit allows you to edit WordPress posts, and DistractFree lets you limit the length of the lines.

I’ve written some notes on how I set this up. Continue reading