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My brews so far

This week I brewed my eleventh beer, and this is just to give a list of the beers I’ve brewed so far. If they come out well I may be posting more information and recipes. I’ve added my friends comments where I’ve gotten feedback.

  1. Nøgne Ø Baltic Porter, but it came out like an Imperial Porter as I underestimated evaporation. Complex, good but very strong.
  2. Morebeer Scottish 60 shilling ale, from an extract kit with steeping grains. Came out well. “Be delighted to be served this in a pub.”
  3. First Stab First Wort, an IPA that was first-wort hopped but did not come out with a good balance of dry/aroma hops to bitterness (very aromatic but not very bitter).
  4. Culloden Calling, a Scottish 80 shilling ale based on the 60 shilling but of my own recipe. “Your brew was great. Very smooth, subtle.”
  5. Obsession Fruit, a double IPA with passion fruit in secondary. Came out much better than the regular IPA, >100 IBU but well-balanced malt.
  6. Vanilla Sun, an attempt at cloning my memory of drinking Southern Tier’s créme brûlée beer that I haven’t tried for a few years. OTT beer, huge vanilla and sweetness offset by very high IBUs even for this high OG, hint of cardamom, burnt sugar to prime. “I loved the créme brûlée one.”
  7. She’s So Heavy, a Scottish wee heavy in the vein of the above. FG was too high so it’s a bit too sweet.
  8. Mock on the Mild Side, a mild still carbonating but probably with a bit too much tannins due to errors in the mash.
  9. Succexxxy, a fairly light milk stout that came out well-balanced and highly drinkable.
  10. There’s the Rhub, a hefeweizen, half wheat half Maris Otter, with rhubarb in the primary.
  11. Sudo Porter, a brown porter with 30% quinoa (a pseudocereal). Still in primary.

More to come. Next beer is likely to be another dark one as I’ve got a lot of chocolate and black malt at the minute.

A new hobby

Last May I went to the Copenhagen beer festival with friends. We had a great time at the festival and at Fermentoren, and I managed to stay in touch with some lovely people that we met from a Norwegian brewery called Nøgne Ø. The webshop manager told me that they actually sold beer kits. Brewing was something I’d vaguely considered trying for years, but I’d never really understood what exactly was involved, despite having spoken to a few homebrewers. That all changed when I got the complete starter kit from Nøgne Ø and brewed my first all-grain batch of beer.

I like it but it needs to be aged more
I like it but it needs to be aged more

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